Sleep Line/Wrinkle Solutions

Let’s start with my experience with sleep lines and what causes them. Sadly from my 13 years of cosmetic and dermatology experience, no aesthetic treatment can treat these “sleep lines” or “sleep folds”. Botox cannot treat these areas as they are not caused by a contracting muscle. Also Dermal Fillers like Juvederm are not effective with these because of the area of the skin folds and the reoccurring nature.

I used to have to tell my patients to just try to sleep on their backs and not on their face. For most of my patients, this was just impossible. Many of my patients (including me) have tried these special “sleep lines” pillow and patches and tape on your face and they quickly discovered they were ineffective often causing sleep lines on other areas of my face and often because of the odd shape of the pillow it never stayed in place.

Past Sleep Line Failed Solutions

75% of facial sleep lines & wrinkles occur in the forehead, frown or eye areas.

Past Sleep Line Failed Solution 1
Past Sleep Line Failed Solution 2