Sleep Your Lines Away

About The SYLATM

So now that you know What Sleep Lines Are and what causes them, the challenge was finding an inner skin touching material that was 2 way flexible, breathable and most of all comfortable to prevent your skin form folding at night. After testing 8 materials we realized we found our answer in an anti-microbial WICK AWAY material that had a 2 way stretch to it.

We also needed to find an outer material that was so soft that it would not adhere to any cotton or silk material used on your pillows or sheets as your slept. We tried silk, satin and finally discovered a poly based material that was amazing soft and silky yet had a 2 way stretch to it. The last challenge was finding a comfortable band that made the SLYATM fit well for effectiveness, yet be very comfortable to sleep in.

After a year of testing and research we finally launched The SYLATM.  The SYLATM is proven to prevent new sleep lines and remove past sleep lines from years of letting your skin fold at night. But what we found out after testing this on our patients was almost as amazing.  Not only did The SYLA remove and prevent future sleep lines but 8 hours of wearing the SYLA also smoothed out past wrinkles that are not only caused by sleeping on your face but from squinting and general aging!

The patented and first of its kind SYLATM is to be worn as often as you want to. Some prefer to wear it before a big event to ensure they do not have sleep lines that day, and others wear it daily to slowly smooth out the years of wrinkles caused by sleep lines, sun exposure, squinting and general aging. So if you are tired of waking up with unattractive sleep lines and want to diminish past wrinkles on your face (and understand that these wrinkles will only get deeper and harder to remove the longer you wait), order your SYLA today!

  • Sleep Line BEFORE using the SYLA

    SYLA Treatment - before
  • Sleep Line 6 days AFTER wearing the SYLA

    SYLA Treatment - after

SYLATM Features
  • Removes Sleep Lines & Wrinkles
  • Prevents Future Sleep Lines
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Washable
  • Very Comfortable
  • Anti Microbial Inner Material
  • Charmeuse Outer Material
  • 2 Sizes S/M, M/L
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

Developed by Erin Owoc, ARNP-C

12 Years' experience as Cosmetic & Dermatology ARNP-C and Owner
of Ageless Skin Medical
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The SYLA is guaranteed to prevent and remove sleep lines, frown lines and wrinkles on the sides of your eyes and your forehead. Sizes S/M or M/L

7 Sleep Lines & Forehead Wrinkle Myths

For over 14 years I have been treating patients with vertical and horizontal lines by their eyes (crow's feet) and on their forehead. Here are top 7 myths that we know do not work to fix these unattractive wrinkles:

  1. Moisturizing your skin with serums and creams. While keeping your skin moisturized is very important for “dry” skin, it does little to prevent wrinkles, especially wrinkles caused by sleep lines. So while we recommend at our medical aesthetic practice to use a good moisturizer, the intent is not to get rid of wrinkles. Retinol is the only FDA approved ingredient for removing wrinkles. However retinol (Vitamin A) does nothing for sleep lines because your skin will fold over and over and over most nights defeating any progress from retinol, peptides or any anti-aging/anti-wrinkle serum.
  2. Sleeping on your back. Many of our patients are determined to sleep on their back to prevent their skin from folding at night, but very few can. Even the patients that are able to start to sleep on their back tell us that they eventually end up sleeping on the side of their face, thus causing sleep lines.
  3. Botox or Dysport. Because sleep lines are not caused by a contracting muscle, there is no muscle to paralyze to smooth out these wrinkles. Botox (and other toxins) are amazing for certain wrinkles, but is a waste of money for this application.
  4. Dermal Fillers. It is possible to “fill” these wrinkles with Juvederm, Restylane or other popular dermal fillers, but because of the reoccurring nature of sleep lines it totally non-effective. What happens is the sleep lines/wrinkles then develop in a new area where you skin now folds away from the dermal filler.
  5. Laser, Radio Frequency and Ultrasound. We have them all at Ageless Medical and they are not effective treat these type of lines on your forehead and eyes. The problem is as fast as you can treat a forehead sleep wrinkle, a few weeks of sleeping on your sides can reverse all of the expense, pain and time spent for these non-invasive medical procedures.
  6. Special sleep-line pillows. The problem with these pillows is that they are very uncomfortable and our patients tell us that sometimes they can fall asleep on these pillows but then after a few hours they move or turn their head thus causing these pillows to be ineffective. We have yet to see a patient that has been able to use these pillows long term.
  7. Putting special tape on your face. These can stop your skin from folding at night but at what expense. Many of our patients have found that the pain of taking off the tape every morning and the cost of new tape everyday makes this a terrible solution to remove sleep lines.
The only solution that has been proved by thousands of clients to remove past sleep lines and wrinkles and prevent future sleep lines is by using the SYLA. This is so because:
  • The SYLA is very comfortable and you do not even know you are wearing it. So wearing it becomes "second nature".
  • The SYLA stays on all night no matter how or where you sleep.
  • The SYLA prevents your skin from folding that causes sleep lines.
  • The SYLA also removes past wrinkles that are not necessary caused by sleep lines from squinting, sun exposure or general aging by smoothing out your skin overnight.
Erin Owoc, ARNP-C Ageless Medical